Div Layout:Width,Padding

For those beginners for building div, non table html structure. We will easily get some errors on the padding and width setting. The main problems is caused of our 2 main browsers: Firefox and IE. They read div width and padding in a totally different way. In Firefox side, if you build a 600px width and 20px paddding div. You will get 640px width inside the div. But in IE side. If you make a same condition. You finally will get 600px width inside the div. But the div will extend to 560px. I will not go on discuss which side is right and wrong. Cause of IE 6 and firefox still are main browser in the internet. That is no sense which we igonre one of it. I suggested you to make one div for controlling the padding. Although this is a stupid setting. <div style="width:600px"> <div style="padding:20px"> Your contents here </div> </div> But it would be easy and fastest way for solving those 2 different browsers problems. Those problems are not only appear at div. Some of table td setting may be crashed too. Article:i-web-design|web design


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