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Genius Link International was established in 1984 with a team of creative, talented, daring and broadly experienced engineers assembled by the company's current managing director. Their mission was to create innovative, unique, practical and high-quality electronic products. Twenty years of hard work have seen Genius Link grow from simple digital watches to the 15 Language Voice Translator. Researched, developed and produced entirely in-house, this device entirely relies on outstanding engineering, procurement, marketing, and a factory capable of producing 200,000 high-quality products per month. This style of organization enables appropriate inspection and control of product quality as well as timely delivery. For this reason, Genius Link International has been recognized as a qualified supplier by international clients such as Brookstone, Sharper Image, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Costco, Aldi, Lidu, Hexaglot, John Louis, Marks & Spenser, Li & Fung, Cathay Pacific, and others.

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