New International Top Level Domain

New International Top Level Domain

Since the emergence of Internet, .com, .net, .org has been the most enthusiastic gTLDs, especially .com domain name is the account for more than 80% share in top level domain. In order to solve .com domain name resource depletion, to break the long-term monopoly registration, to meet the needs of industry users, ICANN give a resolution in November 2000 under the development of the Internet, from 2001, launch of the "New International Top Level Domain". New international top level domain is part of the international top level domain system, commonly used domains are: .biz(commercial), .info(information), .travel(tourism), .mobi(mobile), .name(individual), .asia(Asia), at present, according to development needs, the trend is keep growing. Geographical top-level domain have 243 countries and regions of code, such as .cn behalf of China, .uk on behalf of the United Kingdom, .us on behalf of the United States, from the management of nation level Internet Information Centre, it is also known as the national top-level domain.

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自國際互聯網出現以來,.com、.net、.org一直是全球最熱衷的通用頂級域名,特別是.com域名更是佔據了頂級域名80%以上份額。為瞭解決.com域名資源枯竭、打破長期壟斷註冊、滿足行業使用者的需要,ICANN根據互聯網發展需要在2000年11月做出決議,從2001年開始推出了「新國際頂級域名」。新國際頂級域名屬於國際頂級域名體系的一部分,常用的主要有:.biz(商業)、.info(信息)、.travel(旅遊) 、.mobi(移動)、.name(個人)、.asia(亞洲)等,目前根據發展需要,還在不斷增加。地理頂級域名共有243個國家和地區的代碼,如.cn代表中國、.uk代表英國、.us代表美國,由國家一級的互聯網資訊中心管理,所以也稱為國家頂級域名。

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